Bourbon Street Bar

Here is another story that happened back in 2000. Hubby and I were going out to a club that always had great music and lots of hot, fun people. If you got there late you had to wait in line. I had put on my green party dress with nylons and no bra. It was cold outside so I wore a coat that covered me quite well. It was later than we had wanted to arrive but the line was short. We just had to wait about 15 minutes till we could get let in. I was huddled up against Mike, and he had his arms inside my coat wrapped around me keeping me warm.

When we entered it was dark at first and the music loud and people standing everywhere. Mike was a little upset because there wasn't anywhere to sit. So he guided me to a corner by the bar and we stood and ordered a drink. There were a lot of guys standing close to us and I began to feel eyes on me. Mike had opened the front of my coat so I wouldn't overheat. It was getting quite warm with all the people. I had a hold of his arm still and standing tightly together.

Then I felt it. A hand was touching the back of my leg. It was sliding up and down my calf. I squirmed a little but he didn't pull away. It was very tight quarters but I think it was the guy sitting directly to my left sitting with all the men I mentioned. I moved just a little to turn my body away from his advances and caught a look at him. He was smiling and looking up at me. I smile and I guess that meant I was okay with his roaming hand.

Seconds later it was back on the back of my calf and sliding up to the back of my knee now. I pulled Mike's arm and pulled him down to me to tell him what was going on and he smiled and asked if it felt good? I smiled back and figured that was all I needed to have fun the rest of the night. He slid his arm inside my coat and wrapped it around my waist. He was cupping my ass under the back of my coat. I was loving it.

Sadly, a friend who had been there all night saw us and ushered us over. I looked back at the man who was having fun messaging my leg and seen him pouting. I smiled at him and waved goodbye. He smiled back and went back to talking to his friends at the table.

As we sat, I got to remove my coat finally, our friend hugged me and complimented me on the dress. I had to keep pulling it together though. It would loosen and the tie would allow the top to spread open quite far.

Mike loved the fact you could see my breasts if you stood just right when this happened. We all laughed and talked and drank. The DJ started back up and the music was loud as always. We had people all around us. It was just a mass of humanity and squeezing and pressing into one another. The tables were tightly fitted in so you got to know your neighbors well.

We had a group of middle-aged guys and a couple of wives sitting to my left. The guy sitting directly to my left had his chair turned kind of sideways to fit in and I had to turn left a little to do the same. The table emptied as the 2 wives and the husbands left to go dance. Mike was chatting away with our friend and I was people watching.

About this time the guy who was messaging my leg walked by and stopped and looked down at me. I looked up and smiled. He leaned down and asked if my husband would mind me dancing with him. Mike turned slightly and told him if the lady wants to dance it wouldn't bother him at all. I rose up and off we went.

The floor was packed but we found a dark corner to dance. It was funny because it was like a mosh pit. Everyone bouncing into each other. I just kind of gyrated a little and he just did the same thing.

Well, he moved closer to keep from being pounded by a few other dancers behind him and before I knew it, we were bumping hips and chests. It was fun to see his reaction to my lack of reaction. My dress top was becoming loose again and separating a little. My breasts bounced freely just barely staying confined. He noticed as well and began making an effort to rub his chest more frequently and sliding left to right as he did. He could see my nipples now bouncing out and, each time, he rubbed across my top. I could feel the coolness on my nipples and they just popped out harder.

The song ended and I didn't bother pulling my dress back and we stood there and chatted for a little bit before the next song started. He asked if he danced okay and I told him it was fantastic. I was having a great time dancing with him. He smiled and moved closer and leaned in and kissed my cheek. Then he whispered that thank you for the great show.

I smiled and told him it's not over yet. I was getting a little hot dancing with this man. He wasn't too pushy but at the same time just the right amount.

The next song started and wouldn't you know a slow song, Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight". He asked if I'd like to continue and I said oh yes very much so. His arm went around my waist and the other held my hand to his chest. Being it was on his chest also meant the back of his hand was swaying over the front of my dress. Our dancing was separating the top again and he had the back of his hand now caressing just inches from my sensitive nipples.

I was getting excited and he pulled me tighter and I leaned onto his shoulder now. He whispered he thought I was gorgeous. I moaned a thank you and felt his hand on my waist sliding slowly over my ass. He squeezed me lightly and it made me shiver and he noticed right away how much I liked what he was doing.

The song seemed to last forever. He was looking down at me and smiled when I looked up. He leaned down and lightly kissed me. It was quite nice. When I didn't protest it was a sign and he leaned down and kissed me more intensely. I opened my mouth and invited his tongue in. His kiss was dampening my panties. I was feeling so good kissing him.

His hand was still lightly squeezing my ass and now the kiss. Soon I felt his hand turn the palm to the chest on me and his fingers slid in and pinched my nipples. I just took a deep breath and moaned around his lips. The song ended just as he started to pinch and roll my nipple. He sighed and thanked me for the great dance. I reached up and pulled my top together and tightened my tie again. He walked me back to my table and hubby looked at me and asked what was wrong?

I just told him I was hot from all the dancing. He said I bet you are. I know it's not much but that was most of the night. Hubby played with my breasts all night and played grab-ass with me on the dancefloor all night with me. I had a great time.


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