The Room

It was early morning when Jane awoke from her peaceful rest. As she turned over, she noticed that Dean was no longer beside her. It was rare he would wake before her on a Saturday. That's when she heard the sound of a light tap coming from another part of the house.

*He's in that damned room again.*

Jane thought to herself as she got out of bed. Disappointment filled her as she looked at herself in the mirror wearing only a collar. It wouldn't be long until she had to leave for the day, but he'd rather work on the room. As she began getting ready to leave the house for work, the occasional sound from the room pulled her thoughts towards the distaste she felt for it. Even when he was with her, the triple locks on the door stirred a jealousy inside of her whenever she walked past it.

"Oh, you're already awake," Dean said as he opened the door to the bedroom.

"I am," Jane replied as she picked her outfit she would wear. "I missed waking up next to you," she continued with an air of disappointment.

"I'm sorry, I just have a lot left to do in the room. It's close to being finished," Dean said, trying to reassure her.

"I would hope so. You've been working on it for weeks," Jane said with disdain as she began getting dressed.

"I know it drives you crazy. You need to learn patience in order to be a good girl," he said with a smile.

It did little to sate Jane's irritation. She continued getting ready for work without saying a word. She felt his eyes linger on her body and could sense his smile. He enjoyed teasing her, but rarely took things this far. All the while her curiosity was eating away at her with each moment she was kept out of the room.

"You'll be allowed in there tomorrow morning. I'm finishing it today," Dean said with a look of satisfaction.

"I'm holding you to that," Jane said sternly as she finished getting dressed. "You'll have plenty of time while I'm at work. I'll text you when I get there," she said as she walked past him out of the bedroom.

"You're forgetting something," Dean said as he grabbed her collar and tugged it gently. As she turned to face him Dean gave her a kiss. "Be careful," he said as he let go of the collar.

"I will," she replied as she walked away.

Jane glanced at the door to the room. Annoyed by the ruined door and frame from the locks Dean added. It just added to her irritation over the room. She tried to block it all from her mind as she left the house, but it lingered. Throughout the day her mind stayed focused on the room. The way he worked on it. How he insisted on her not seeing anything. All the secrecy irked her and she couldn't find the words to express her distaste.

When the time arrived to go home she was a bit hesitant to leave. She knew what awaited her. Seeing the door and thinking of what was behind it. All the time Dean had spent on it. All the things they could have been doing together instead of him stuck in there working on whatever he was working on.

Jane's drive home came with an ever increasing dread as she got closer to the house. All culminating in an anxiety ridden mess when she arrived at the house. When she got out of the car she dragged herself towards the house. Each step brought her closer to the room.

As she entered the house she could hear the shower running. The thought of trying to enter the room crossed her mind. When she walked past the door she noticed it was replaced with a new one. A dark stained wooden door with a black doorknob and skeleton key lock. The damaged frame had been replaced as well. She couldn't resist the urge and tried to open the door. It was locked. The thoughts swimming through her head became too much and she began to cry.

"What's wrong?" Dean asked her as he stood in the doorway of the bathroom wearing only a pair of pants.

Jane looked up at him, but the thoughts wouldn't form into words as it all came crashing down. He walked toward her and gave her a hug. She felt comforted in his arms, but that room still was still calling to her.

"I'm calling Red for the rest of the day," he said as he gripped her tighter in his arms. "It's obvious this has gone too far, so let me get on a shirt and I'll show you the room," he said, letting her go.

Disappointment filled her for her reaction. For him having to safeword. For the tears in her eyes that wouldn't stop flowing. It wasn't long till he returned with the key in hand.

"I'm sorry, I just don't know why I can't be a part of it," Jane said, trying to find the words to explain herself.

"Because you don't show a present until it's ready," Dean said calmly as he unlocked the door. "Now it's still Red for the day," he continued as he opened the door.

When Dean turned on the light Jane couldn't believe her eyes. In the center of the room was the stockade she had been obsessing over. Along the walls were chains with shackles. As she looked at the ceiling she noticed the places he had made to suspend her from. A spanking bench off to the side next to a huge box. Floggers hung from the wall next to a row of paddles and riding crops. While some of it she had seen and even been locked into, many of the items were new.

"All the stuff you've been wanting to try. The dungeon you've always wanted to be forced to serve in, is what I've been doing these past few weeks," Dean said. "I knew you were impatient and enjoyed being involved in everything, but didn't think it right you seeing a gift is all. I should have just made you a part of it after all."

Jane didn't know what to say. She felt bad for being so annoyed by it, for depriving him of the chance to reveal it to her in the way he wanted to. While she was excited about the room her guilt brought down the joy she felt.

"Don't worry about it," Dean said as he pulled her into his arms. "You did nothing wrong. Could you have been more patient? Yes. Could I have been more open about the room? Yes." He wiped a tear from her eyes and tapped her collar. "Just because you wear that doesn't mean you can't speak your mind. You can always safeword and we can talk honestly and openly," he continued with a smile.

She hugged him tight as thoughts of how much fun he would have with her in the room began to fill her mind. Wondering how it would feel to be chained to the wall. She didn't want to wait till the morning.

"Sir, do with me as you wish," Jane said as she pulled away, softly looking up at him. "I am yours to command."

"There will be time for that in the morning," Dean replied smiling down on her, "tonight we're relaxing."

With that they left the room. Dean locked the door behind them as Jane went to take a shower. As the water washed over her body the anxieties she had long vanished replaced with the excitement for what was to come. All the toys and how it would feel began to consume her thoughts. As she dried off she didn't want to get dressed, she wanted to be taken to the room. She wanted to serve and make up for what had happened.

As Jane dried herself she thought of ways to seduce Dean that night. What she could wear and how she could act.

"I ordered some food for the night and it should be here soon," Dean said outside the bathroom door. "I know what you're thinking and save it for tomorrow," he continued before walking away.

She got dressed and went into the kitchen. The night was a blur because all she could think of was being in the room. Excitement filled her as they went to sleep that night and she couldn't manage to fall asleep for long. It was too difficult to keep calm. She found herself watching Dean as he slept and snuggling close to him till finally the sun rose. She wanted to wake him then and there, but waited a little longer before relenting to her desires.

Jane began to snuggle her nose gently against Dean's face as she gave him soft kisses. Her arousal growing with her anticipation of what lay in store for her. Her fingers danced along his chest and stomach.

"Sir, it's time to wake up," Jane said as her fingers caressed his cheek.

"You really can't wait, can you," Dean said as he began to wake. "Very well. Give me five minutes. When I am finished you'll be at the door to the room presenting yourself for use," he ordered as he rolled out of bed.

Jane quickly went to the door of the room, stripping as she went. Her knees felt a chill as they touched the cold floor. She rested her face on her arms as she put her face down and raised her ass in the air. The arousal was already beginning to pool and he had yet to touch her. She began to wiggle her ass in hopes to entice Dean to hurry up. The minutes seemed like hours as she waited for him nude in front of the door.

"Such a good girl," Dean said as he opened the door to the room. "Now let's see just how good you can be, fuckdoll," he continued as he grabbed her collar and pulled her into the room.

The feeling of the collar against Jane's neck made her begin to drip as she walked on her hands and knees into the room. Dean led her to the stockade in the middle of the room. It looked even more imposing while she was down on all fours looking up at it.

"On your feet, it's time to be useful," Dean ordered as he pulled the collar.

"Yes, Sir," Jane said as she rose to her feet.

Quickly he opened the stockade and shoved her head and arms in place before shutting it. She could hear him moving behind her, but couldn't turn to see him. Her breasts hanging down as she stood locked in the stocks. She could only look straight ahead. As she looked she noticed the large cloth hanging over wall right in front of her. It was the same color as the wall and blended seamlessly into it that it was hard to notice it was fabric. Suddenly she felt the stinging of the crop as he struck her nipple with it.

"I almost forgot," Dean said, stepping in front of her wearing only his pajama pants. "Keep your eyes focused straight ahead," he ordered as he grabbed the fabric and pulled it down.

Surprise filled her as she saw the floor to ceiling mirror that was behind it. Seeing herself in the mirror locked nude in the stockade turned her on even more. He stepped in front of her as he walked towards to her.

"Open your mouth," Dean growled as he pulled his hard cock from his pants. Jane did as commanded, opening her mouth as wide as she could as her arousal began to drip down her thighs. "Good girl," he snarled as he shoved his cock deep into her mouth.

Dean spanked her ass with the crop while she gagged on his cock. He was thrusting hard and fast into her mouth in time with his strikes to her ass. Jane tried her best to breathe as the stinging in her ass grew with each hard strike. She was getting turned on more and more by the second as her cries of pain were muffled by his cock.

Suddenly Dean pulled his cock from Jane's mouth, leaving a trail of drool down her chin. He walked behind her while he sat the crop on her back. She could see him in the mirror as he opened the chest and pulled out a vibrator, buttplug, and lube. He walked back to her and put the plug in her mouth.

"Suck it," Dean ordered and Jane quickly complied.

While she stood with the plug resting in her mouth she sucked it like it was Dean's cock. She watched him in the mirror as he stepped behind her. The steel of the plug began to warm up in her mouth as he put the vibrator on her back next to the crop. He took the bottle of lube and put some on her asshole. The lube was cold as it hit her skin. He reached up and pulled the plug from her mouth then began to tease her asshole with it. She was whimpering with anticipation and the need to be filled. Suddenly he pushed the plug in and a moan of pleasure escaped from her lips at the sensation.

Jane watched as he grabbed the crop and vibrator off of her back. She clenched in anticipation as he raised the crop high before quickly striking her ass, sending a sharp pain across the sensitive flesh. As the pain subsided he turned the vibrator on and rested it on her clit. The waves of pleasure began to wash over her mingling with the pain of each strike from the crop. Being able to watch him was driving her wild and sending her body into overdrive. Her orgasm surprised her as she began to moan with the pleasure raging within her. Dean turning the vibe on high and spanking her harder with the crop only intensifying the sensation.

"Are you ready to be a useful, painslut?" Dean teased as he pressed the tip of his cock against her dripping pussy.

"Please, please, please, Sir," Jane said as she began to squirm against his dick. She wanted to his cock inside her. She needed him to fuck her hard.

"You asked for it, fuckdoll," Dean teased as he rammed his cock deep into her pussy.

The stockade held Jane firmly in place as Dean began to fuck her harder. The sensations of the vibrator on her clit combined with the soreness she felt in her ass. Each thrust of his cock sent her to the brink of cumming again. The pain from the riding crop began to blend with the overwhelming pleasure as her mind began to give in as she let go of herself. Dean dropped the crop and began pulling the plug in her ass before shoving it back in. She felt his speed change suddenly then felt his cock throb as his cum filled her pussy. It was too much and she came again. The feelings of pleasure were more intense than before. Her body quivered from the sensation her knees began to buckle causing him to quickly grab her waist to hold her up.

"Such a good girl," Dean growled with approval. "Time for the first break of the day, but don't worry, I'll be sure to let you experience all of it before the day is through."

He pulled his cock from Jane's pussy and unlocked the stockade. She needed him to help her stand.

"I'm holding you to that, Sir," Jane teased as they walked out of the room.

While Dean massaged her ass with lotion and began to go over what Jane enjoyed, she couldn't help but feel like she had the best Dom in the world. She couldn't help but want to be his good girl while he used her in the room.


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