Older Woman Discovers Wild Sex

As I looked in the full body mirror, I saw a well kept older woman. I must admit that as good as I looked, I didn't feel good about myself. Where had the years gone? My children are all grown up and my husband of 25 years has flown the coop so to speak. He found a much younger woman to play with and so a divorce was inevitable. Do the math. I am 57 years old and my competition is 25. But really, my ex is a scumbag and I say good riddance. And so I am ready to party. My best girlfriend, Flo, is picking me up and we will be heading to a local bar for drinks and whatever. I've dressed in my most sluttiest outfit. I feel so naughty!

Flo arrives and she joins me in the living room for a quick drink before we leave. "Well honey, you do look good! Ready for a good time?"

"Ready, willing, and able, Flo. But to tell you the truth I am a bit nervous."

"Listen up Alice. Nothing to be nervous about. If nothing happens tonight, don't you fret cause I'm ready to eat your pussy right now if you like.

"Flo, you are my best friend and I love you but to be honest, as much as I feel honored by your offer, I am not a lesbian, at least not yet." I laughed nervously.

"No problem darling. Let's go. Time's a waisting." And so we left. Flo had made arrangements for an Uber just in case we were picked up by whoever. We arrived at our destination and entered the bar after paying an entrance fee to a burly man. Flo assured me that the fee was worth it. Music was blasting as we entered and the place was crowded with a variety of men and women, old and young. Flo seemed to know her way around the bar and was greeted by some men and women. Flo held my hand and guided me to the bar where we ordered drinks.

"Honey, let's get a booth." As we sat down, two men came over, introduced themselves, and Flo invited them to sit with us. Both men were tall and well proportioned. One of the men, Raul, was hispanic. The other man, Devon, was a well built black man. Flo gravitated to Raul and I was mesmerized by Devon. He was magnificent. He sat down next to me and his leg rubbed against me. I don't know what came over me but I was acting like a school girl. I had never been with a black guy so I was doubly excited. He was cool and seemed to sense my excitement. Flo hung onto Raul and I could sense that she wanted to leave with him but was afraid to because of me.

"Flo, why don't you hook up with Raul? Devon will stay with me." She perked up and after a little hesitation, left with her man. In the meantime, Devon whispered in my ear that we should leave and go to his apartment. Although I was a little nervous, I couldn't resist the advances of this hot black stud. And so we left the club hand in hand. Devon was at least 20 years younger than me but age didn't seem to be a problem. He held me tight and whispered sweet things in my ear. We arrived at his apartment. He lived in a very nice neighborhood. I was taking a chance with a complete stranger but somehow I felt comfortable. He was a commanding man and seemed to know what he wanted. We entered his apartment and he sat me down on his sofa and made us cocktails.

"Baby, you are exactly the woman I was looking for. Trust is very important to me. Do you trust me Alice?"

"I do Devon but why do you even have to ask me that question?" Devon put down his drink, took my hands, and lifted me up off the sofa and guided me to his bedroom.

"Now I want you to take off all your clothes and then I want you to slowly take mine off." It seemed a strange request but as strange as it was, I followed his instructions. As I took off the last of his clothing, I realized that this man for me was an African god. He was beautiful! I have to say that for a woman of my age, I was in good shape. He lifted me up in his arms and gently threw me on the bed.

"Now woman you are going to be fucked by a real man, not a weak white man." I was his to use and abuse. He slipped his enormous cock in my pussy and proceeded to pound me like I have never been pounded before. I was like a wild, younger, insatiable woman. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he fucked me. As he fucked me, I licked his nipples. I could not get enough of him. Finally, he came in spurts never seeming to end. I was exhausted but not him. He lay on my chest and positioned his cock in my mouth. I sucked him and his balls bounced on my chin. He came in my mouth and I licked him clean.

"Sexy bitch, you are a keeper. Now get your ass in the shower and clean yourself up." But as I got up, he stood me up and slapped my face and my ass several times. As humiliating as this was, I felt a thrill as he dominated me totally. He guided me into the bathroom and ordered me to lay in the tub. As I did this, he stood over me and pissed on my body.

"Bitch, open your mouth and drink my piss." He was a master of control as he pissed into my mouth. I was hypnotized by his domination. He turned on the shower and ordered me to hurry and clean up.

"Devon, where are my clothes?"

"Listen up bitch. From now on you will call me daddy and you won't be needing your clothes right now because some friends are coming over and you will be fucking them. If you have a problem with that, let me know now." I was frightened and yet excited. My body tingled as I began to realize that he was now in total control. He ordered me into the bedroom naked and on my back. I waited there quietly and soon I heard the door open and heard men's voices in the other room. I overheard daddy speak.

"Okay gentlemen, I have a prime bitch in the bedroom ready for fucking. I am now her pimp and have broken her in. She is older but really experienced. While she is not a virgin, she's never been properly fucked by a real man. Now, one at a time and make sure you hand over $200 each. The bedroom door opened and I caught a glimpse of at least four black men. The first one entered and quickly undressed.

"Devon was right. You are a prime bitch. Now get your ass on the floor, on your knees, and mouth open." I did not hesitate since I did not want to be slapped or worse. I crawled over to this massive black man and wrapped my lips on his huge cock. My left hand played with his ass and my right hand cupped his balls. I sucked and thoroughly enjoyed munching on his cock. He held the back of my head and pushed in and out. After a few minutes, he turned around and his ass faced my mouth.

"Bitch, eat my ass and make sure you use your tongue." I was being treated like a whore and I loved every minute of it. I used my tongue like a cock, moving my tongue in and out of his ass. Finally, he seemed pleased, lifted me up and threw me on the bed on my back. This guy was really big. My cunt was already wet so his cock easily entered my pussy. Apparently, all black men know how to really fuck because I was in heaven as he pounded my pussy. He fucked the shit out of me and then after cumming, he switched positions and we 69'ed, with me on the bottom. He held onto my thighs and ate my pussy while I swallowed his cock while his balls rested on my chin. Finally he was finished after cumming once again. As he left, he smiled and kissed me hard on the lips.

One by one, each of the remaining three men entered, fucked the shit out of me, and then left. I was wet, exhausted, but exhilarated. My daddy entered and spoke.

"You did good bitch. From now on you'll be working for me. You have a fine ass, built for sex. So get your ass cleaned up and get back into the bedroom. You will be staying with me for now until other arrangements can be made." As I got up off the bed, he slapped me again to emphasize that he now owned my ass. Rather than be upset, I felt wanted and loved. After I cleaned up, daddy spoke again.

"Bitch, I am going to test your loyalty to me. Sleep well because tomorrow evening you will be working hard." I knew not what to expect but I was very tired and slept soundly. The next day, daddy was especially loving. I understood that he was a pimp but I didn't care. I had never been so happy as I was now. In preparation for the evening's activities, daddy had laid out a new set of clothes for me to wear. I must say that they were the sluttiest outfit that I had ever seen. In fact, it reminded me of a hooker I had seen years ago.

"Hurry up bitch cause you are now going to earn and if you don't there will be hell to pay. Now get your ass into high gear. We're stepping out!" And with that said, we left his apartment and headed out to the main drag which was notorious for hookers. He dropped me off and gave me instructions on how much to charge for blowjobs, etc. The other girls kind of avoided me. They seemed to be much younger than me. Anyway, I stood on the corner and waited as cars passed by. Finally after a few minutes, a car stopped and the passenger side window opened. I went over and smiled at this dirty old man.

"Hop in bitch. I need a blowjob. After negotiating a price, I hopped in. He turned into a quiet alley and pushed my head down to his crotch. I blew him and he came in my mouth. We returned to my corner and he kicked my ass out of his car. So it went until about midnight when daddy picked me up.

"One thing for sure bitch, blowjobs alone won't earn me money but I have a surprise for you now. We are going back the club where I found you. They have a few private rooms in the back. I rented one for the night just for you babe. I think you'll be very happy I did." Not knowing what to expect, I followed daddy into the club and he led me to the private room he had rented. As we entered I was shocked when I saw Flo! She was completely naked on a makeshift stage.

"Join me on the stage Alice. Do you remember when I flirted with you, well guess what? It was I who had set up the meeting with Devon. I was already working for him and I knew that you would be the perfect insatiable slut. No more fooling around. We are going to have sex together in front of an attentive audience." I should have been angry but rather I was excited by the prospect of having sex with my best friend. After all I could not imagine being shy about lesbian sex after I was just fucked in every conceivable way. In the past 24 hours, I was spit roasted with a cock in my pussy and my mouth. I munched on asses. Making love to a beautiful woman would be a pleasant change and so I jumped on the stage, undressed, and went to town on eating my friend's pussy in a classic 69 position. We paid no attention to the audience as they cheered us on.

To our surprise, we were joined on stage by two black studs. We were so engrossed in eating each other that we hardly noticed the cocks that were shoved into our cunts and mouths. It was an orgy in the making and we ladies were in our glory as we were fucked by these magnificent men. For the grand finale, we were ordered to lick both men from bottom to top. Before leaving the stage, the men slapped our asses and faces to show their dominance. I thought we were going to have to fuck everyone in the audience but fortunately this was not the case. The audience left the room and we women were left alone to contemplate our lives and our future. Our daddy arrived and had us dress and return to his apartment for some more fucking. The perfect ending to a perfect evening.












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