Founders Ch. 51

51: Tuesday July 21, 16:00 hours CST: Ayana

By 4 PM, the entire crew had been released after arriving back on Earth from their training week in low Earth orbit. They had each been individually pushed, poked, prodded, queried, lost, found, briefed, debriefed, lost again, examined, and tested. Khushi's pregnancy was confirmed to nobody's surprise.

The Breeding Bitches, Charisse, Alexis, and Michaela, returned to Alexis's house. This would be home base for the Breeding Bitches until launch. Trigonometry, consisting of Colby, Anming, Colleen, Berte, and Aanya, took two cars over to Colby's house. This would be home base for Trigonometry until launch. Zach had stayed with the Breeding Bitches before launch. There was a clear expectation that he would sleep with Trigonometry from now on. It was unfortunate. Trigonometry put menthol on his nose to keep him from molesting them at night. In contrast, the Breeding Bitches were thrilled to be molested as often as Zach had it in him.

Ayana and Khushi drove in one car to Ayana's house. They were followed by Zach and Colette in Zach's car. By the time the four arrived at Ayana's house, Ayana was acting giggly and stoned. She had been wolfing down marijuana wafers during the car ride. Gravity was a problem, but it was even more of a problem with Ayana unsteady on her feet. It took all four of them working carefully to get themselves and each other into the house without incident. Khushi whispered to Zach that they had worked out exactly how many marijuana wafers Ayana should ingest. She should be stoned out of her mind but still awake and functioning sexually. Ideally, she should be brought to climax as he ejaculated into her. It all sounded carefully planned.

The plan had been revised to include Colette. Her help would make it easier. The couple had rigged up a curtain near one side of their bed. Ayana was propped up on her tummy on a nice wedge pillow. She would be face to face with Khushi, who would kiss, excite, and coax her the entire time. Officially, Colette would be very pleasurably making love to Ayana's back half behind the curtain. Zach would get involved once Ayana was orgasming and ejaculate into her. That was the plan understood by all.

Soon, the three women were nude and Ayana had been positioned on the wedge. The curtain was in place. Colette quietly led Zach into the room. He could see matters progress, but Ayana couldn't see him and therefore wouldn't worry. "Can you stay here with me?" Ayana begged Khushi.

"Yes I can, my love, because now we have Colette here to help us in the back," said Khushi brightly. "Come here for a moment, Colette. You know Colette, right?"

"Oh yes, I do," Ayana moaned. "I didn't get enough of you in the restroom, sweet thing! Will you make my day and use your mouth on me again? I'll pay you anything!"

Colette leaned down, nuzzled Ayana, and gave her a long sensuous tongue kiss. "I will use my mouth on you, but that's only the beginning. I'll pleasure you, and pleasure you, and pleasure you until you're out of your mind! And Khushi can stay right here watching your beautiful face as I pleasure the hell out of you. How does that sound?"

"Oh that sounds wonderful!" Ayana cried. "When does Zach get here?"

"We'll let him in after a while," Colette told her. "But first, we'll pleasure you for a long time so you're really excited, okay? Then we'll move on to that part later."

"Sounds great!" Ayana thrilled. She was so stoned she was slurring her words. Colette returned to behind the curtain. She knelt at Ayana's backside, gently spread her labia, and painted around the juices she found there. She motioned Zach forward to get a good whiff of Ayana's sweet, meaty, citrus scent. It was divine. Colette smiled when she saw Zach's cock respond to this stimulus.

Colette took Ayana's panties, which already had a bit of a wet spot, and dabbed them on Ayana's vulva. She handed them to Zach to whiff as she worked on Ayana. Colette took him into her throat for a minute of straining, thrilling fun. She backed off to a handjob, nodding to him and smiling. His cum wasn't boiling yet, but he was ramping up nicely. She wouldn't have to do much to have him ready to go on a moment's notice.

Still jacking Zach slowly, Colette used her mouth on Ayana. "Oh sweetheart! You're going straight to my heart! Uh... huh... mmuh... aah... UHHAAAHAH!" Ayana's whole body quivered. He faintly heard Khushi kissing and saying encouraging things on the other side of the curtain. "So good! K my sweet, you must tryHAH... uuh... mmmuh... nnnhah... heh... heee... EEEEEEAAAAAH!" Ayana's body writhed. Colette was driving her wild.

Without warning, Colette coaxed Zach forward and placed the head of his cock at Ayana's vaginal opening. She positioned his hands on the bar holding the curtain. She reached around him on both sides to hold Ayana's hips firmly for his thrusts. Because Colette's hands would be gripping Ayana's ass tightly as Zach fucked her, it would feel to Ayana like Colette was fucking her from behind instead. "I'm gonna strap-on you out of your mind now, Ayana sweetie!" Colette announced.

"Promises, promises, oh my FUCKING GOD!" cried Ayana. Zach rocked forward into Ayana's slick, well-prepared channel. Colette pulled Ayana's hips back in synchrony with his forward thrusts. "UUAAAAAH!" cried Ayana. He felt her excited, tight, and thoroughly lesbian vagina quiver and pulse in orgasm unknowingly on his cock. Such delicious subterfuge! He felt his semen boiling hard in him. Colette had made everything ready. He would let loose at Ayana's next climax. Thrust, thrust, thrust, thrust, thrust, "HUAAAAH!" Ayana cried out. He turned beet red with the effort of not crying out and ejaculated forcefully against the stretched back wall of Ayana's vagina. On the first squirt, her hips danced a bit, excited but confused. On the second squirt, she jumped. Colette held her hips firmly buried on his cock. At the third squirt, Ayana made a sound like, "kuhuh!" After the fourth squirt, Ayana said, "Hey, I've pissed myself!" His body was quiet. Ayana's tight vagina clipped him once more, fluttered deliciously, then stilled. Colette pulled him back slowly. He slid his penis out of Ayana's very wet and very confused vagina. Colette patted a cotton cloth tightly onto Ayana's vulva, trapping in most of the semen. She held Ayana's hips still with her other hand.

"Just relax sweetheart," soothed Khushi, "It's over! I'm so proud of you! You did so well!" Colette was holding Ayana's hips motionless and pressing the cotton cloth firmly to trap in the semen. "Just be calm, darling," Khushi soothed. "I love you so much! You're so brave!"

"Huh, that was really odd..." Ayana mumbled. Zach left the room to give them privacy.

Zach put his flight suit back on and lay on the couch, drifting. It had been pleasurable. They'd accomplished their goal. Ayana wasn't freaking out, at least not yet. In fact, she seemed to be handling it well. They were all there completely in service to Ayana. He had gotten extreme amounts of pleasure out of it as well. He supposed it was not that very different from wanting any woman to have a good time with him. Except it had been extremely impersonal by design. It had worked, though. They had climaxed together. He had been excited enough to load quite a volume in her. It was auspicious.

Colette came out and said calmly, "They're all settled. She seems happy. I made $200. Priceless, of course. Khushi promised me she would try my $20 oral, even though she insists the only woman she finds interesting is Ayana. Ayana is trying to broaden her horizons. Such antics. Are we going to be doing this all week?"

"I'm not certain, but you seem to be a hit," said Zach. "I'm booked all four times. I can certainly use your help."

"What now?" asked Colette.

"Let's go visit the Breeding Bitches. Charisse needs to get knocked up in four hours. Do your joints hurt?"

"Yes, terribly."

"Mine, too."

(To be continued)


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